Finding Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Abused, neglected, and troubled youth, they are all around us, in our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches and maybe even your home.  Unless you are directly involved or affected by these youth it is sometimes hard to understand the issues they face.  Often these youth are left alone for hours as parents or guardians are working multiple jobs to supply the demands of the All-American home.


Many are left unattended due to absentee parents who are involved in high-risk behaviors themselves, exposing their children to unhealthy behaviors and not meeting the basic needs of their child.  Several are left to take care of themselves without proper supervision, which leads to high-risk acting out behaviors and using any means necessary to get food, possessions, and even love.


Many of these children are from “good homes” but have chosen to get on the wrong path in life and are demonstrating behavioral problems in their home, school and/or community.  All of these adolescents need someone to care, someone to listen, someone to give.


Jonah’s Joy: Home for Children will be a home-like environment in Cumberland County, Tennessee, where adolescents have an opportunity to learn how to rebuild broken family systems and improve personal development through the use of a faith-based character-building level system, psycho-education, traditional therapies of individual, family and group, and non-traditional therapeutic approaches of farming and horsemanship.


Our Vision

To change generational cycles of abuse and neglect by educating, training, and holding accountable children and their families.


Our Mission

To provide a faith-based residential treatment home with quality mental health services to abused, neglected, and troubled children and their families.


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